Blue Eyes

As I stand peering down, emptiness begins to emerge.

Silence suffocates the room

While tragedy colors the wall.

The numbing atmosphere destroys every piece of life

Giving no hope to those he encountered.

Though I gaze upon him there is no serenity in his eyes.

No regret

No empathy

No me.

I was once the mouse in his maze

Searching for my end

Awaiting for death to take me by the hand

For this temple was nothing but filth

He lay upon it night after night

While I lie awake praying for the light at the end.

A gentle unwanted touch, as he slowly painted me with his fingertips.

The wall kept silent in fear

So he continued.

Sorrow hung from the corner of my eyes

As the bed danced beneath us.

I cry out for the wall

As he clenches to me tighter.

Sweat poured from him, while despair consumed me.

The room darkens, taking alongside the piercing blue eyes.

I then vanish

Appearing next a man in a long robe and a crown made of thorns

He says nothing, gently placing my hands on top of his.

A bright light rapidly appears vanishing the man.

I return to earth underneath a motionless body

                                                                                      His blue eyes staring lifelessly into mine.


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