Silent Thoughts

There’s no easy way to say this but it needs to be said

I’d love you more than myself, no questions to be asked

As much as it pains me you have the right to know

That my love for you is fading with no room to grow

Little do you notice how much I sacrifice, and little do you care

I want to call it quits because my heart has had enough to spare

Emotional you call me, hurt is what I see

Consuming toxins into my body ,and shaping me into the person I promised not to be

Ashamed to see my own reflection because I know she is not me

There’s no one to blame but my obsessed love for what we use to be

Talking can’t save us, we’ve tried many times before

Only God know’s the faith of our realtionship and if it’s worth the chore

So let me be blunt, I’ll try not to offend

I’m close to ending it all, just to be happy again


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