I Am

I am the words on this paper which I write

Each line that forms expressing my life.

I am the emptiness in the mirror with no reflection.

The plies of makeup with no complexion.

The skin that bares my own identity

Instantly judged from those who look at me.

I am not the symbol of beauty, nor the idea of perfection.

Statically stated I am the cause of infection.

Characterized as absence of light,

But constantly harassed when walking home at night.

The horrid glances over the shoulder,

And the tight grip of a mother’s hand as I begin to walk closer.

I am the face that displays when disaster strikes.

The donation change asked for at the register.

Each coin a piece of who I am.

The journey of which society thinks I follow.

I am more than the nine o’clock news,

More than a projectile in a metal casing.

I am the physical strength of a force exerted.

A member of the Negroid race.

I am.


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